Advantages of Recycled Asphalt

Advantages of Recycled Asphalt

If you’re just starting out on managing your first construction project, you might be running around in circles to find the best asphalt or concrete for use in your project. Odds are, you’ve explored our site and have seen that we provide high-quality recycled asphalt for your needs – but what is recycled asphalt, and how does it help you and the environment?

What is Recycled Asphalt? 

Recycled asphalt is just that – recycled materials from past construction or building projects that have been demolished and broken down are taken, processed and then screened to new appropriate sizes for new projects. Metals are removed from these materials prior to being repurposed. 

To make recycled asphalt, experts will take the debris from a construction project and use professional crushing equipment to break it up from its original structure, and crush it down to a smaller size. After this first round of crushing, the asphalt and concrete are screened and foreign materials like glass, metal, and dirt are removed. Having contaminated recycled materials can lower the quality of the final product, after all!

Used since the 1940s, recycled asphalt isn’t a new production, either. As far back as World War II, old concrete was recycled and reused in various projects. 

Who Uses Recycled Asphalt?

Much like regular asphalt, recycled asphalt is used most often by those on construction projects and those who lay roads. 

Why Use Recycled Asphalt?

Recycled asphalt is the industry’s approach to provide a sub base for roads, foundations, or sites while being sustainable and versatile. Between a desire for sustainability amongst clients, environmental law guidelines put into place, plus a need to keep costs low, recycled asphalt is the answer to everyone’s prayers!

Benefits of Recycled Asphalt

One of the biggest benefits of using recycled asphalt, besides its convenience, low cost, and structural integrity, is its benefits to the environment. Usually, after a demolition, excess concrete or building materials end up in a landfill. Because concrete isn’t biodegradable, it won’t decompose naturally in the landfill, either. 

To prevent landfill crowding, while also saving money and time, using recycled asphalt benefits everybody in both the short and long term. Above everything, you should be looking for both affordability and strength in materials for a construction project. Recycled asphalt brings all that to the table while putting past materials to use, and saving you from having to make more asphalt or overhaul your entire project. 

This will also give you the reputation of being committed to the conservation of natural resources and lowering your existing environmental impact, and who doesn’t want to be recognized for such? By using recycled asphalt, you’re not only giving yourself a win-win situation but your clients too. 

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