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As a community oriented, family-run business, we know that no residential or commercial project is the same. For the same reason, you might still end up with questions specific to you that you haven’t been able to figure out yet. We’ve compiled some of most common questions our customers have come to us about over our years in business in order to help our future customers out a bit.

Don’t see the answer to your question(s) here? No problem! Reach out to a member of our friendly and helpful customer service team with any additional questions or concerns you may have. Reach out to us at 303.654.1000 or click here to speak to a representative.

Yes, we do! River rock is just one of the many kinds of materials will sell. See above for a complete list of the materials we offer.  

Yes, we do sell mulch, including brown, coffee, mini bark pebbles, and certified playground chips. See above for a complete list of the materials we offer.  

Yes, pick up is available at our landscape yard in Henderson, CO. We also offer direct delivery services to your job site.  

No. Our delivery rates are determined according to zone, which allows us to offer you the best delivery prices possible.  

Yes, we have a 7 yard/ton minimum. However, we will deliver less at the 7 yard/ton price, which will save you money in comparison to the landscape yards’ pricing.  

We are able to deliver 80-120 yards in one load for special orders only.  

Split deliveries refer to the use of both a tandem and a pup trailer to deliver two different materials. Call us today for more information regarding the materials available for that services.  

Our materials are priced the same for wholesale and retail. However, to receive wholesale delivery pricing you must be ordering for a business. Delivery prices are higher for retail customers.  

Other companies build their delivery fee into their higher material prices in order to offer their customers ‘free’ delivery. We try to provide our customers with the most transparent, upfront pricing possible 

Yes – we also offer this service at no extra charge. When your driver arrives at your site, they will determine if they can safely spread dump the materials.  

Pillar Aggregates offers a wide range of materials, including gravel, sand, decorative stones, rocks, and mulch, perfect for various landscaping projects.

Absolutely! Pillar Aggregates is committed to environmental sustainability and offers a range of eco-friendly landscaping materials.

Pillar Aggregates stands out for its premium quality materials, exceptional customer service, and commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Certainly! Pillar Aggregates’ team of experts is readily available to offer personalized assistance in choosing the ideal materials for your project.

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