How to Add Color to Your Home with Flower Boxes

How to Add Color to Your Home with Flower Boxes

If you enjoy gardening during the spring and summer, but are looking for maybe a more low-maintenance approach that will let you satisfy your gardening itch, while not being a challenge to prepare for winter, putting flower boxes in your windows might be a great idea!

Especially with winter approaching, you might be looking for new ways to brighten up your home, or at least a way to keep your space looking a little more full of life while under blankets of snow. Window boxes are great for not only winter plants, but make it easy to change and keep beautiful plants and flowers growing in your windows year-round. Plus, they can make great projects to keep the family entertained during the colder months!


How to Make a Window Box

Looking for a fun way to keep yourself or your family occupied during the winter months, but maybe want an activity that’s still productive or that positively contributes to your home? There’s no better option than making or decorating a window flower box at home! 

This fun DIY project is super simple, and super fun. While snow falls outside, give your kids a fun activity, while also letting them customize and contribute to your home’s curb appeal! If you don’t want to make a box from scratch, there are plenty of pre-made boxes available at craft, home improvement, or DIY stores that are readily available to paint and finish up. 

Whether you’re making a window box yourself or buying one pre-made, make sure that your box is the right dimensions to fit nicely in the space underneath your home’s window. Additionally, make sure it has holes built in for drainage purposes (or drill them yourself). 

If you want to be able to change out flowers or plants seasonally, it’s also a handy hack to use a liner in your box so you can change out your displays easily. 


Winter Flower Box Plants

Since we’re getting deeper into winter, you might not want to fill your newest DIY project boxes with plants not suited to the season. Since these boxes make it easy to change out flowers anyway, you’ve got the world at your fingertips when it comes to planting great displays year round!

There are plenty of colorful and fun plant options to put in your window displays over the winter months. Dwarf evergreens, poinsettias, junipers, and flowering heathers make great additions to your displays, and will thrive in the colder weather. 

Additionally, if your area gets cold, but maybe not below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you can also plant pansies and snapdragons for a little variety. 

Once the winter abates and your lawn and home can be a little more colorful, make sure to contact Pillar Aggregates for all of your home and commercial landscaping needs. Whether you’re looking to revamp your garden beds, outdoor entertaining or patio areas, or want to plan out a completely new environment for your outdoor areas, we’ve got all of the aggregate materials you need. 

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