Want DIY & Commercial Landscaping Products? Pillar Aggregates Have You Covered

Want DIY & Commercial Landscaping Products? Pillar Aggregates Have You Covered

Creating the best possible look and feel for your landscaping projects is the most important thing for your household or business, no matter what your vision is for your project. DIY projects and commercial ones alike, you need to have the highest quality aggregate materials to create not just an attractive and aesthetically pleasing landscape for your home, business, or commercial project, but to ensure that your project is durable and long-lasting.

Especially with hardscaping materials, the materials are truly what make or break your project. That’s where Pillar Aggregates comes in – whether in the market for soft scaping, hardscaping, and everything in between we’ll be by your side for all of your project sizes and types.

What Landscaping Materials Do You Need?

Creating DIY landscaping projects and commercial or construction projects might seem like vastly different tasks to take on, you’ll need a lot of the same quality landscape material supply Henderson to create a favorable project that will last in the long term. If you’re not sure where to start in your project, consider the following materials that you’ll need to build up your project to be the best it can be.


Hardscaping includes gravel, rock, and other materials commonly used in DIY, commercial, and construction projects alike. High-quality hardscape aggregate materials should be durable, strong, and not made with any potentially harmful chemicals, contaminants, or clay. The following are some of the most popular hardscape materials Pillar Aggregates provides.

  • Gravel
    Gravel is used for a variety of projects, no matter their size or scale. For DIY projects, gravel is commonly used to line flower beds or gardens, or to line or create dimension in yards. In commercial and construction projects, gravel delivery in Henderson is used to create surfaces for roads, and driveways, and to stabilize foundations.
  • Asphalt
    The recycled asphalt produced by Pillar Aggregates has a variety of uses. From paving driveways, roads, and more to being used in construction and commercial projects to create full-scale parking lots and other surfaces, asphalt is extremely versatile and has many applications.
  • Sand
    Sand is frequently used in small and large-scale projects to strengthen foundations and stabilize other materials in both DIY and commercial residential projects, as well as on construction sites.
  • Granite
    Crushed and full granite is an extremely versatile material that can be used both on its own and in a mixture to create other substances. Used in residential and industrial building construction, as well as road construction for larger projects, it can also be utilized on a smaller scale to create more dimension and stable surfaces in yards and other projects.

In addition to these high-quality and durable materials, Pillar Aggregates also offers a variety of other hardscaping materials and commercial landscape supply Henderson to create the best project for yourself or your business.


The term soft scaping refers to that plants, grass, flowers, trees, and other ‘soft’ materials that are constantly growing and evolving with the landscape. These materials grow and adapt to climate, weather conditions, and the evolution of the landscape. These materials can be used in both DIY and commercial projects to create a cooler, calmer environment with dimension, color, and life.

  • Fertilizer
    Having high-quality fertilizer means you’ll have the ability to plant flowers, plants, and other things around your home, business, or throughout your construction project to create long-lasting life. Fertilizer is used throughout any project to enhance look, grow plants and trees for shade and redirect water flow, and more.
  • Mulch
    Like fertilizer, mulch can be used on its own or amidst other life to give your yard or commercial project more color and dimension. Mulch can also be used around trees or follower beds to protect young saplings and lock in water and moisture.

Working with quality soft and hardscaping for your commercial and DIY landscaping projects will bring you amazing results and a long-lasting and durable look and foundation for years to come. Work with Pillar Aggregates today to set your project up for success with the best materials for both small DIY and large commercial setups.

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