When you’re starting out on an Aurora landscaping or construction project, you should never have to wonder if you’re receiving the best service, prices, or quality of materials for your respective project – you should know you are! For over 20 years, Pillar Aggregates has been ensuring that our customers never have to wonder if they’re receiving anything other than top-notch materials, treatment and value. Whether you’re embarking on a residential or commercial project, we’ve got you covered in all aspects.

Landscaping Projects

As a family owned and operated local Aurora business, Pillar Aggregates knows how much of a relief it is to have a team of friendly and knowledgeable team of customer service representatives to help you out when you’re trying to figure out what you need for a residential yard or landscaping DIY project. For over 20 years, we’ve been serving our community and making sure you’re receiving the best materials, service, delivery, and value for your investment in yourself and your home. We make it our company’s mission to live up to our reputation for offering the best service and materials possible for all of our clients – no matter what!

Aurora Commercial & Business Oriented Service

On top of our residential services, Pillar Aggregates is pleased to provide Aurora and the surrounding area with only the best commercial and industrial materials for a variety of projects, including building, construction, landscaping, and more.

Pillar knows how imperative it is, especially when working on large-scale commercial projects, that you receive the best service, delivery, and materials possible for your projects. A lot of times, the quality of your materials, or just making sure they’re delivered on top to enable you to meet your deadlines, is what your business depends on to make it and its operations successful, regardless of what sort of industry you’re a part of.

For over 20 years, Pillar has been providing our Aurora area with the best materials possible for any commercial need or project you might have going on. On top of providing the best, quarry-direct materials and pricing, we also pride ourselves on providing community-oriented, capable, and friendly customer service. From landscaping, to construction, to excavation hauling and dump truck or delivery services, Pillar has the resources to make sure your project runs smoothly and successfully.

We Provide the following Aurora Aggregate Services:

If you’re just starting out on embarking on a DIY landscaping project for your home, it can be hard to know where to start in getting the best residential materials possible for your project. On top of that, it can be even  harder to make sure that you’re also receiving the best possible prices for what you’re getting. The same can be said for commercial projects – if you’re embarking on a large-scale construction or business project that requires top-notch materials and service to make sure it runs smoothly and is long-lasting, just knowing where to begin can be the hardest part of the process. Regardless of what sort of residential or commercial needs you might have, Pillar Aggregates has everything you need for the best value, and with the best service in the Aurora area. Want to know more? Contact us here for a free quote or here for more information.

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