Easy Ways to Up Your Curb Appeal this Winter

Easy Ways to Up Your Curb Appeal this Winter

As temperatures cool and winter snowstorms become more and more imminent, homeowners and renters alike begin to wonder how to enhance their curb appeal or lawn’s overall look – even when it’s covered in snow! So what’s the best way to make your yard and home look it’s best, even if the lawn itself is covered? We’ve got all the best ways to up your curb appeal this winter as you wait for the possibilities that come with spring’s warmer weather. 

  • Hanging Lights

Especially as the holiday season nears, a lot of people use hanging lights to get into the wintery spirit, where to celebrate specific holidays or not. Hanging lights up around your home, on your trees, and even on your home fencing can be a great way to lighten up your yard and bring some wintery cheer to those passing by. 

  • Wreaths

Again, many put up wreaths for holiday celebrations, but there are a ton of reasons to keep various types of wreaths up throughout the entirety of winter. Many will put up berry or pine wreaths on their front doors, in windows, or hanging on their home’s fencing to bring some color to their snowy yards. 

  • Garlands

The perfect accessory for your fencing or other yard -lining setups, garlands bring a pop of color that you need to feel good about your home’s curb appeal. Plus, there are so many different types of garlands to choose from, and they can be combined and enhanced with so many other things. Plus, you can even turn your’s into bird feeders to keep your bird friends fed and warm during the winter weather. 

  • Birdhouses

Another great way to help out your local birds while making your yard look its best is by putting up brightly colored and vibrant bird houses. This is a great way to keep your local wildlife fed and taken care of during the tough winter season, but it can be a fun home project for you and your family to take on while cooped up at home! Make and decorate your own birdhouses, and have fun while brightening up your yard’s look. 

  • Decorate Your Mailbox

If you have a mailbox that’s close to the street, a great way to bring some winter cheer is by decorating your mailbox with various wintery-themed accoutrements. Like the birdhouse building project, decorating your mailbox is also a great way to keep you and your family busy and entertained while you all go a little stir crazy as temperatures and snowfall. However, make sure you’re using the right paints and materials to decorate your mailbox with! A lot of paints won’t adhere to cold surfaces, so also make sure to bring your mailbox inside for a little bit before painting it.  

Whether you choose to embrace the snowy look the winter brings to your yard in winter, or take steps to enhance your curb appeal as the winter months come into fruition, don’t forget to consult and use Pillar Aggregates for all of your winter residential and commercial landscaping needs.

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