How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

The air is crisp and cold, the mornings are frosty, and everything feels as though it’s laying dormant. During the winter months, you may feel like there’s nothing you can do for your yard until spring comes around. Although it might not seem like you accomplish anything productive in your lawn in wintertime, the reality is that you can actually achieve a lot this time of year, as long as you have the right know-how and aim to complete the right tasks. Interested in finding out the best use of your time and energy to prepare your yard for spring? Keep reading and discover our seven simple steps!

  1. Clean up
  2. First, you’ll want to clean up your yard properly to get yourself in a good position to complete your tasks. Bundle yourself up, and head outside to tidy up the yard. This is the perfect opportunity to rake up leaves, pick twigs, and clear away any pinecones. This type of debris can get in the way when you mow your lawn come springtime. It also can prevent your soil from fully absorbing any fertilizers or other nutrients or seeds placed on the surface. Completing this step can be very beneficial for the health of your lawn.

  3. Be sure to level your lawn
  4. The next step on your to-do list should be to level your lawn. Again, this is a task that can be successfully completed even during the cold months, which makes it a worthy use of your time as you set up your yard for spring. Similar to clearing your yard of any debris, this is a step that allows the soil to more efficiently absorb nutrients, and it also helps to absorb water. The easiest way to tackle this task is to apply an even layer of topsoil; in fact, you can do this without even removing any grass. Be sure to use a topsoil of a high caliber to ensure it’s loaded with the nutrients your lawn needs. Apply more to the lower areas to achieve a level surface. This provides you with an even canvas for the springtime.

  5. Apply mulch
  6. To properly care for your lawn during the winter, it’s a great idea to lay out a thick layer of mulch around bushes, shrubs, and trees. What does this do for the health of your lawn? A layer of mulch works to regulate the temperature of the soil beneath, prevents weeds, and seals moisture into your plants for longer. Doing this ahead of the warmer months puts your plants in a great position to grow and thrive more. Opt for a heavy mulch for best results.

  7. Prune your trees and bushes
  8. One of the best things you can do for your plants during this time of year is to trim or prune your bushes and trees. Although it may seem counterintuitive that getting rid of parts of your plant is beneficial, it is actually a very positive step to take in order to promote healthy growth. Any dead limbs should be removed, and then, when spring comes around, your plants will be able to sprout new growth. In fact, doing this during the winter allows the wounds to heal more easily and even decreases the risks of pest invasion.

  9. Prepare your beds
  10. To get your yard ready for spring, you should take extra care of your garden beds. Part of this includes removing any debris — including twigs and weeds — as previously mentioned. Additionally, loosening up the soil to eliminate any compact or clumped areas is a great use of your time. Add in some new soil and rake it in fully.

  11. Apply fertilizer
  12. Although this step can’t be completed during the heart of winter, it’s still a step that’s possible before the peak season begins. At the very end of winter, this is your cue to apply fertilizer to your lawn. This time of year is ideal for fertilizer, as it puts the lawn in an ideal position for spring. You should also apply a pre-emergent, which will prevent crabgrass.

  13. Attract birds
  14. Finally, one step that may sound a bit peculiar — set up ways to attract birds to your yard. Why? Birds are an excellent tool to regulate pests in your yard. They can significantly reduce the amount of bugs in your lawn that can potentially harm your plants. This means that you can focus less on ways to remove bugs and allow nature to do the work. Bird baths and bird feeders are an excellent addition to your yard for this purpose — plus, they look nice!

Get your lawn ready for springtime!

With these steps, you can make some progress in your yard even during this frigid time of year. Looking for a reliable supplier of aggregate supplies near me for your lawn? Count on Pillar Aggregates for all the materials your yard requires. We offer the highest quality supplies at an affordable price, and we deliver directly to you. Want to find out more? Request a quote today!

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