How to Use Brick for Landscaping or Decoration

How to Use Brick for Landscaping or Decoration

Bricks are one of the most doubt-after and most known building and landscaping materials – and have been for hundreds of years. Since the colonial era, bricks have been used to make homes, line yards, and even build up streets and sidewalks. Made up of fire or sun-dried clay, brick is a  low-cost, incredibly durable building material that can last for centuries with the right care. Besides all of these factors, however, what really makes brick have such enduring popularity for both building material and outdoor decor is its attractive look and nearly unmatched curb appeal.

Brick’s classic look makes it perfect not only for use in building homes, but in providing accents to outdoor spaces. From walkways, to fire pits, flower bed lining, and more, bricks can make your space stand out without putting in too much effort. 

How to Use Brick in Landscaping

When we refer to brick in the context of using it to accent outdoor spaces, it’s considered a hardscape material, or a material that’s not alive. Hardscaping is usually used to build up or accent your yard’s softscape, or your plants and flowers, as it adds style and flair without any needed maintenance. 

So how can you use brick to give your landscaping a pop of color and style? We’ve got the best design ideas to make your next landscaping project a success. 

5 Brick Landscaping Ideas

Because brick is such a low-cost, versatile hardscape material, you can use it to build or accent just about anything in your yard. 

  • Decorative Brick Walkways

One of the best and easiest ways to spruce up and add space and dimension to your garden or yard’s layout is by installing a brick walkway. By making a garden or front walkway with brick, you can choose your own pattern, design, and style of walkway – from stacked bond, running bond, basketweave style, and more. 

  • Brick Edging for Concrete

If your home or front or back porch area has plain, concrete steps leading up to it, this can create a bit of a visual hole in your yard. A great way to enhance the look of these plain concrete slabs is by lining them with decorative brick edging. This is a great way to add style and a unique contrast to your steps without having to replace them or pay to change your walkway to a full brick one. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, combining concrete with brick lining is a great way to save costs too. 

  • Brick Fire Pits

There’s no better way to bring a unique element to your backyard while also enhancing your outdoor entertainment space or potential than by installing a brick fire pit. This fire pit will not only let you safely roast all of the marshmallows your heart desires, but also creates an easy and even seating area for your guests. There’s no better way to create fun summer memories than with your backyard’s new fire pit!

  • Outline Your Garden Beds with Brick

One of the easiest ways to give your flower beds a styled and defined look is by outlining them with brick. By installing single-brick edging to your plant beds, you can not only give them a new style that enhances the beauty of the flowers you’ve painstakingly planted, but can allow your  beds to be more easily contained and maintained. 

Now that you’ve got some design inspiration under your belt, it’s time to start your summer project! Using brick to enhance your walkways or flower beds, is a great and simple way to give your yard the facelift it’s been wanting. 

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