Landscaping Trends 2022

Landscaping Trends 2022

In the new year, there’s no better way to brighten up your everyday life than with an amazing looking back or front yard. After all, when your home looks its best, you’ll feel your best too! There’s no better feeling than coming home after a hard day of work and being able to be greeted by your beautiful home and attractive landscaping. 

When looking to the new year, you might already be considering what you’ll want to do with your yard or outdoor areas once all that snow clears out. Plus, it’s so fun to plan out your summer projects and what you have in mind to keep yourself engaged and busy – especially as more people work from home permanently and have their landscape as their working environment! 

Give yourself a home office with a view just by following 2022’s latest landscaping trends. So what’s about to be all the rage this year? Let’s run through all of the predictions for what’s going to be all the rage in the home landscaping world this year. 


Larger Gardens

2022 is looking to be all about scenery and maximizing your garden space. Whether you have a sprawling yard and outdoor area, or are looking to maximize the landscaping potential of a small yard or back area, the emphasis this year is going to be on making as much room for some nice gardens as possible. 

So how can this be done, and do you have to sacrifice yard space to do it? There are a ton of easy ways to expand your garden areas without taking up your outdoor area’s square footage – especially if you’re working with a small area! Vertical or hanging gardens, as well as container gardens are going to be big this year, as they take up minimal space, provide excellent scenery, and are easy to upkeep. 

Kitchen Gardens

Gardens aren’t going to be all the rage this year just in terms of scenery and for the beautification of your area. More and more people, especially those working with larger spaces, are turning their gardens into strategic vegetable and herb gardens, which can provide their kitchens with bountiful food throughout the year! 

Kitchen gardens are not only beautiful, but provide you with delicious, fresh food that saves you money at the grocery store and allows you to put your yard space to good, sustainable use. Plus, think of the bragging rights you’ll have when you tell your guests you grew the tomatoes for their sauce yourself!

Eco-Friendly Gardens

Another thing on people’s minds this year will be how they can make an individual impact when it comes to enhancing their environment’s air quality, and just creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment around their home. 

A great way to do this at home is by populating your garden with native plants, and some landscapers have even designed small irrigation systems for their gardens to keep water usage low. 

Other eco-friendly gardens ideas include designing spaces made to collect runoff from gutters, roofs, driveways, and more, and strategically placing your garden (and using plants that thrive under the conditions you’re establishing for them) in such a way to address drainage, water collection, or even flooding that can occur in parts of your yard. 

No matter what your vision is for 2022, you should incorporate having a beautiful AND functional landscape into your plans for your home. Looking for the best landscaping materials to make your outdoor areas the best they can be? Use Pillar Aggregates’ amazing services to set your yard and landscape up to be its best this year. 

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