What are Aggregates? 

What are Aggregates? 

When embarking on a new at-home landscaping project, or looking for aggregate materials for a professional project, knowing where to start in your quest for aggregate materials can be a confusing road to start on. Especially if you’ve never worked with materials like this before, knowing what you need for your project, and how much of each material to get can be perplexing and hard to find the right information on to help you. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the starting point to any landscaping or construction project: what are aggregate materials? How do I use them in my landscaping or construction projects? We’ll guide you through what aggregates are and how they can be used. 

Aggregate Materials: What They Are and How to Use Them

Aggregate materials are often overlooked in terms of importance during landscaping or construction projects, but they quite literally are the backbone of these operations! They make up these projects, and are the most basic, cornerstone material used in projects. 

Aggregates make up the material for roads, sidewalks, buildings, bridges, and the foundations for a multitude of building projects. No matter what sort of construction or building project you might be working on, you need aggregate materials to even get started!

What are Aggregate Materials? 

The term ‘aggregate materials’ refers to the raw materials taken from pits and quarries that make up the building blocks of most projects. From gravel, stone, sand, mulch, and more, you need aggregates to get your project off the ground! These materials are also combined with things like water to make cement, asphalt, and many of the materials that make up our roads, sidewalks, home foundations, and more. 

What are Aggregates Used for? 

As we said prior, aggregates can be used for just about anything, and are an integral building block in any construction or industrial project. They also make up so many materials we use everyday that we hardly even think about it!

How Do I Know I’m Getting Good Quality Materials? 

Using a reputable aggregate supplier is key in making sure you have the right materials for your project. 

Using a supplier like Pillar Aggregates, who provide not only a large variety of high-quality aggregate materials, but also provides you with quarry-direct delivery, lets you be confident in the quality of materials you’re using in your project, and lets you know that they’ll hold up long-term and make your project the best it can be. 

How to Shop for Aggregate Materials? 

Once you’ve figured out who you want your material provider to be, it’s time to figure out what you need for your project! Luckily for you, working with Pillar Aggregates also allows you to have access to the best customer service representatives in the industry, who will guide you through which materials might be right for your project, and will help you estimate how much you’ll need to save you from having to re-order or restock mid-project. 

As we said before, we also offer quarry-direct delivery, which allows you to benefit from quick delivery directly to your home or job site. 

When you use Pillar Aggregates for your next landscaping or construction job, you’ll receive the best and most helpful service in the industry, and will come out of your experience with us knowing more about aggregates and why they’re so important. Learn more about us and our services today. 

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