Which Construction Aggregates are Right for Your Project? 

Which Construction Aggregates are Right for Your Project? 

When you think about the construction industry, you probably think of loud job sites, blueprints, heavy machinery and equipment, and plenty of raw materials. 

But what kind of materials are most used in construction and on job sites? These days, aggregates like sand, gravel, stone, and concrete make up the backbone of the construction industry, and go into construction projects ranging from road paving, to building bridges and constructing buildings and residential homes. Aggregates make up most of asphalt pavement and concrete mixes, after all. 

What are Aggregates?

Before we discuss what kind of aggregates are best for construction projects big and small, let’s determine what aggregates actually are. When you think of construction aggregates, you should think of sand, gravel, crushed granite and stone – basically anything that can be used to make up a base or foundation material for construction. 

No matter what sort of project you’re working on, having high quality aggregate materials makes all of the different between having a staple foundation and strong mixtures that will give you the most long lasting results possible. 

Which Aggregates are Used in Construction? 

As we said before, having the highest quality aggregate materials possible can be the difference between having a well made project and foundation, and working with materials that will break down quickly, or who can’t stand up to the needs of your project. 

High-quality aggregate materials will be strong and durable, and will be free of harmful chemicals, clay, or other contaminates. If you get your materials from a provider or quarry that isn’t reputable, it’s hard to ensure the quality and durability of your materials. So which aggregates are most often used in construction projects, and how to you know you’re getting high-quality materials for your money? 

  • Gravel

On construction sites, gravel is used for a variety of application types. From gravel surfaces for roads, driveways, and for new construction projects in order to fill up and help stabilize the base or foundation of your project, gravel is a highly versatile material. Gravel can also be used to make access roads for oil and gas pipelines, and is used additional for erosion control. 

  • Recycled Asphalt

Used in road paving mostly, but also as recycled concrete in buildings and construction projects of all kinds, there’s no limit to what you might use recycled asphalt for. 

  • Sand

Sand is not only a common ingredient mixed with others to form concrete, but is also used to strengthen and stabilize other materials throughout a construction site. 

  • Crushed Granite

Besides being used to form gravel in some instances, this material is frequently used for residential and industrial building construction, as well as road construction.

The Best Aggregate Materials in Colorado

There’s no better way of making sure you’re getting the most high-quality materials for affordable rates is by working with Pillar Aggregates for all of your commercial construction projects and for your residential landscaping projects. With our quarry-direct delivery and pricing, you’ll know that you’re receiving materials that are sourced locally, but you’ll also benefit from our low prices and the fastest delivery possible. 

Plus, with our wide variety of materials available, you’ll enjoy a wide selection and a full inventory of materials to utilize in your next project.  

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