Winter Landscaping Ideas for 2021

Winter Landscaping Ideas for 2021

When you first think of landscaping, you usually would think of huge bushes, manicured lawns, warm weather, and birds chirping in the air. However, as temperatures get lower and lower, you might wonder how you can keep up your garden even with snow on the ground. Lucky for you, there are tons of winter plants that will brighten up your yard or outdoor areas. 

No matter if this is your first time prepping for your yard’s winter look, or if you’re just looking for some new ideas to try out this year, we’ve got all of the best winter landscaping tips to keep your yard looking its best year-round. 

Before Planting

Prior to planting any of your winter accoutrements, make sure you’re caring for and prepping your landscaping for the colder temperatures. Make sure to refresh your mulch before planting anything new. By planting a 2 inch thick layer of mulch over your perennial’s roots, it’ll keep these flowers’ roots safe and warm over the winter. It’ll also preserve the moisture in your soil. 

Once you prepare your spring plants for their season, it’s time to scope out plants that will thrive in winter and make your yard stand out. 


To keep your landscape looking its best year round, there are plenty of fun shrubs you can plant for the colder weather. Just make sure to venture out into the snow to trim them, however!

Shrubs that make a great winter addition to your yard:

  • Baltic Ivy
  • Centennial Girl Holly
  • Winter Chocolate Heather 


Another easy way to add some color to your yard, no matter what weather it is, is by planting plants that kind of look like grass. This will not only add color to your lawn, but will also make it look like you have more plants than you actually do because of the volume of your grassy plants!

To upgrade your garden, try planting:

  • Fountain Grass
  • Japanese Sedge

No matter what kind of things you plant over the winter, you should always make sure to properly take care of your yard and landscaping in general to make sure your plants are looking their best, and are staying out of the harsher ways of the weather. 

Always make sure to clear snow off of plants, shrubs, or perennial flowers that have persisted into the winter. If your area experiences a lot of snow, lift off the larger quantities of snow, before using your (gloved) hands to brush off snow from delicate petals or blades of grass. 

When you’re salting your driveway, walkways, or other trafficked areas of your yard, try to avoid excess salting, and also stay away from your plants and flowers’ roots.

Also, avoid planting delicate or sensitive plants near sidewalks, as they could easily be impacted by the spraying of salt. 

Plant Early

If you’re interested in planting winter shrubbery or just otherwise sprucing up your yard for the winter, the most important aspect of the planting process is to start early, so you can be assured that your plants are ready to go for the winter.

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